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Flush Wall Mounts for Lutron Dimmers & Switches - SeeLess

Flush wall mounts are perfect for new installations or construction where you intend to house the Lutron Dimmers & Switches within the wall. The enclosure can be mounted within a standard 3 to 4-inch wall to provide housing for the dimmers in either portrait or landscape position. The flush wall mount also comes in a white and black finish to suit the specific needs of your installation.

Lutron is a popular and reputable lighting option that is arguably the best smart switch on the market. It is an in-wall dimmer that doesn’t use WiFi. instead, it uses Clear Connect RF technology, which requires the Lutron Smart Bridge hub (or Wink hub). This, however, implies that the initial cost will be higher than standalone WiFi switches. So upgrading a single switch to the Lutron dimmer doesn’t make much economic sense.

That said, Lutron offers a starter pack that makes the dimmer more affordable. The starter pack comes with the hub, one remote control, and one dimmer. For users who have a Wink smart-home hub in their home, you can simply use the Lutron dimmer without the Smart Bridge, since Wink has an integrated Clear Connect radio. Another advantage is that you only need to set up the hub once to support 50 devices, which makes the cost of distributing smart lighting to other rooms in your home less or comparable to that of other quality dimmers.

With the flush wall mount for your Lutron Dimmers & Switches, you have a reliable, stylish, and smart option for up to 600 watts of remote on/off, scheduling, dimming, and light grouping by a room that connects through a reliable wireless mesh network. With one pole dimmer, you can control multiple smart-home platforms including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant, which makes it ideal for homeowners with existing smart-home devices, or those likely to add more.

Also, keep in mind that you have the option for a multi-button keypad that lets you program custom scenes that work from the dimmer. Moreover, it is a wireless switch that doesn’t need a neutral wire, which allows you to install it in locations where other models might not work.