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Control4 Touch Panels In-Wall Plaster Mounting Platforms  8" and 10"

Built for a wide array of home aesthetics, this platform is the unison of trim-free style with optimal functionality to increase interior space and provide truly seamless integration to accommodate Control4 touchscreens. Magnetic mounting and hardware facilitate quick and easy installation. The SLD-TPC410-375 accommodates an 10" C4 device & leaves a 3/8" reveal around the device for easy access. See the SLD-TPC48-375 for an 8" C4 device.

SeeLess flush mount for Control4 touch panel
SLD-TPC48-375 Control4 Touch Panels Mount (8")
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SLD-TPC410-375 Control4 Touch Panels Platform (10")
SLD-TPC410-375 Control4 Touch Panels Mount (10")
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