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Flush walls mounts for Josh AI can be used with solid surfaces, retrofit installations, or new drywall and concrete or brick construction.

When installed on new constructions, the wall mounts mesh into your wall to provide unobtrusive installations that help to preserve your rooms’ decor.

Retrofit mounts also allow for easy installation through a fast and straightforward installation process. With the cutting-edge mounts, users can easily upgrade from older touch screens without requiring any drywall or paintwork. Moreover, the mounted interface is accessible for service and maintenance without compromising on aesthetics and integration.

How to set up the Josh AI

The first step is to pick a wall location where you want to mount the device. You need an ethernet cable with POE to run through the wall. Consider mounting the device on the wall surface near the room entrance at conversation height, which is about 5 to 5.5 feet from the ground. This is about the same position as a light switch or thermostat.

Once you find a good position, hold the wall mount ring against the wall and mark the inner circle, as well as the screw locations using a pencil. Even if the base screws don’t line up perfectly, the devices magnetically attach to the base for greater stability.

Next, drill the holes for the wall screws, and one more hole at the center for the POE cable. You can now attach the wall mount ring to the wall using the screws provided and ensure a snug fit. If you have drywall, consider using anchors to ensure sufficient stability.

You can now connect the POE adapter to the POE cable through the wall, and plug the USB-C adapter to the bottom of the device. When connected and ready to set up, the device should produce a blue LED light. If it doesn’t light up, check the POE cable connection for power and network connectivity.

At this point, you can bring the device to the wall mount ring, checking to ensure that the cable doesn’t fold through the wall. It should fit tightly to the wall mount. Rotate the device so the logo is level and well oriented. Finalize by configuring the device via your Josh iOS app.