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As indirect lighting is becoming a large part of every lighting installation, SeeLess Solutions is proud to provide a completely trimless, lensless, frameless, and attractively priced approach that facilitates quick and seamless installation.


Our sophisticated cove channels allow you to seamlessly conceal the LED lighting of your choice into the drywall without any need for conventional lensing or aluminum channel applications. Our cove housing is solid, handcrafted, and made out of environmentally friendly green materials. The gypsum building material makes it easy to drill, cut, paint & integrate our channels into the geometry of any drywall space.


We created two types of cove channels and accessories to address any in-plaster indirect lighting application.


The Wall/Ceiling double light cove is an all-flush mounting application. The built-in curves hide the LED strips in walls and ceilings, giving a clean light reflectance throughout the space while doubling the number of lumens simultaneously. The additional benefit of a dual-channel is the flexibility to add color tuning capabilities by populating the channel with two different whites or another RGB combination.


The Crown Cove features a rounded design with a built-in space to facilitate easy wall-to-ceiling tape lighting transitions, specifically in the corners. This unique patented design allows for streamlined installation like the crown moldings in the corners, wall-to-wall, and wall-to-ceiling applications while eliminating the conventional need for any exceptional framing or lowering the ceiling.


To add various creative options for artful use of refined lighting with the mud-in application, our cove channels have multiple accessories that help facilitate easy directional shifting, remove worry over potential hot spots and simplify the installation.








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