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Frequently Asked Questions

SeeLess plaster mounting solutions enable you to integrate your electrical wire devices with the design of your home instead of cluttering your home by surface mounting them, leaving the surfaces smooth and sleek.

SeeLess plaster mounting solutions are made of gypsum/plaster. Accompanying elements are aluminum bars that are screwed into two wall studs and a metal junction box.

We chose to make our platforms from plaster because it is naturally occurring, environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and easy to install material. Since SeeLess mounts are intended for the drywall application, plaster mounts fuse monolithically with the drywall due to the commonality of the ingredients. Plaster does not expand and is not susceptible to temperature and moisture influences. It can also be painted to match the color of your home and blends in nicely. 

We are able to create and design custom solutions, contact us to discuss your specific needs. See the steps for our custom process and policy here.


Check out our 2022 New Products for Creston, Control4, Lutron, Araknis, and Josh.ai.

Crestron Touch Panel Mounts:



Lutron Alisse Mounts:



ARAKNIS Round Access Point Mount:


Josh.ai Nano Mount:


We have platforms that fit light switches and dimmers with anywhere from 1-4 gangs. Our platforms fit a variety of brands, such as Lutron, Crestron, Vantage, C4, Meljac, Basalte, and other dimmers, light switches, and fan controls.

Our Architectural-style platforms feature square corners for a modern look, while our designer-style platforms feature softly rounded fillets for a contemporary style. See the demonstration of the designer-style collection here.

The 1-4G model includes a metal box. The 1-GR model comes without a backbox and is intended for use with a front-mounted Carlon old plastic box or mud ring.

(*box/ring is not supplied by SeeLess)

The 1-4GR model is recommended for applications with keypads. The main advantage of this model is access to the backbox and ring from the front of the mount, making them easy to adjust after the platform is in the wall.

*R1 model number indicates the latest available revision of this platform with two extra added features: a 3/4" mark for the brackets’ adjustments & a slightly wider perimeter area around the platform designated for tape & mud area during installation. You can see them side by side in this training video.

SeeLess has four round smoke alarm mount options and one shaped option.

To better understand the round options, check out this SeeLess round smoke detectors platform variety training video.

The SLK-SM-500 is a single gang model with a ½” reveal around the device with diameter
5.79 inch, height 1.85 inch, inner diameter 5.79 inch

The SLK-SM-750 is a single gang model with a slightly bigger reveal of ¾”.

SLK-SM1-500is a deeper single gang mud-in platform with a ½” reveal. It is also commonly used with dome cameras.

This smoke alarm mount has been designed around Cosmo smoke alarm. Watch the demo video.

The SLK-SM2-1000 is a 2-gang platform with a 1” reveal. It was created mostly for the commercial application requests, where it is required to provide flexibility to integrate alarm monitoring into the smoke detector and to separate the high voltage from lowvoltage with an inner blank separator partition.

To learn about the Nest smoke alarm platform, check out this training video.

Single Gang Box Extension Mud Ring is available in SeeLess Accessories to adapt to a standard electrical 4" back box.

SeeLess Architectural style mounts SLA-1G-062 will be the best fit for the Vantage Easy Touch Glass keypad.

We reached out to the Department of Building & Safety in our jurisdiction. LADBS referred us to the QAI Laboratories Certification Testing Inspection facility in Los Angeles, CA.

In summary, the independent lab findings confirmed that our platforms do not cause any obstruction or interference. According to the test results, most SeeLess platforms enhanced the performance of smoke alarms by a few seconds in both wall and ceiling installations.

Codes vary in different jurisdictions and since the inspectors usually have the final word on approvals, we’d be happy to collaborate with the inspector in your jurisdiction to see what additional test needs to be done.

For additional information, download the testing certificate here.

Take a look at the video demonstrating the performance of the devices in our mounts during the 3rd party Certification Testing.

Please contact us at sales@seeless.comfor additional support.


We do offer special pricing and services to the trade. Please complete our form to create a dealer application or contact our regional representative in your area.

To apply and learn more about our Stocking or Non-Stocking Distributor programs, please contact sales@seeless.com.

Please note that discounts do not automatically apply when you sign up for an account on our website. It usually takes a moment for us to review your application and activate the account.

Once the account has been activated, you will receive an email notifying you that your account is ready for use.


You can purchase the plaster mounting solutions from our website or from one of our dealers or distributrors. Or contact one of our regional representatives to locate a dealer or a distributor.

We do offer special pricing and services to the trade. Please complete our form to create a trade account with us.

Please note that two discounts cannot be combined. SeeLess website only allows one automatic discount to apply.

The online sales automatically apply only to purchases at full MSRP.

SeeLess Solutions Replacement Policy

Effective 08.01.2022

For a damage claim exceeding $250 in value, please file a claim with your shipping delivery provider.

For a damage value below $250, SeeLess Solutions will be happy to look into opening a replacement claim on your behalf.

To be eligible for a replacement claim with SeeLess, please submit the photos of the damaged items within the 48-hour period of receiving the items.

The information with the Purchase Order number and photos should be emailed to sales@seeless.com

A status update on the claim will be emailed to the client within 24-48 hours.

Upon approval of the claim and the availability of the items in stock, SeeLess Solutions will make the products available and ready for replacement.

SeeLess Solutions will comp the cost of product replacement up to $250 value upon approval (please note that SeeLess comp coverage does not cover the shipping cost)

Please notify sales@seeless.com of your preferred delivery method to receive an invoice for your shipping confirmation.

Please confirm your selection by completing the payment for your shipping option.

SeeLess Solutions is not responsible for paying the shipping cost for replaced items. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

If the replacement item is no longer available, a refund to the original method of payment will be issued.

SeeLess Solutions Cancellation Policy

For order cancellation requests, please reach out to sales@seeless.com.

Any cancellations made after placing the order are subject to a 5% material handling fee.

SeeLess Solutions is not responsible for paying the shipping cost for returning items. Shipping costs are non-refundable.


The platforms can be installed by any general contractor or sub-contractor such as: electrical, low voltage contractor, HVAC contractor, drywall contractor, etc. See the installation steps here.

To install a SeeLess plaster mounting solution, you must have access to the drywall. It usually takes two days to retrofit a mount into the drywall. Check out the recommended steps for retrofitting or new construction installation.

Yes. To install a SeeLess plaster mounting solution, you must have access to the drywall. Check out the recommended steps for retrofitting or new construction installation.

Our mounts are made out of gypsum and designed primarily for dry-wall applications.
However, we saw some of our CI clients getting creative and
installing our flush mounts in solid surfaces as well. Please email sales@seeless.com for more information.


Our website is not set up to take international orders, so we will need some additional information to assist you with your order & shipping.

Please note, that we do not ship to Canada. Contact Trends Electronics International Inc for distribution in Canada.

Below is additional information on our international shipping policy & payments:

For international shipping, the buyer is responsible for import duties and taxes.

We ship via FedEx. We do not ship via DHL/UPS/USPS.

In order to avoid any issues, it is best for the customer to send their own shipping label to affix to the carton.

On that label, the shipper/exporter and consignee/receiver details should list their own company. 

For distributors/resellers, we advise shipping larger orders via FTL/LTL PLT so that the products arrive looking new.

To complete the international payment, please refer to the wire transfer form. Because we are unsure of the bank requirements in your location, this form includes additional banking information in case you need that to complete the international payment.

PayPal is accepted for international transactions.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you at sales@seeless.com

Our website is not set up to take international orders, so we will need some additional information to assist you with your order & shipping.

Please provide the shipping address to give you a shipping quote.

To reduce international shipping costs please provide your shipping account. Please contact sales@seeless.comfor additional information.

Yes, you may pick up your order. Our warehouse is located in Gardena, CA.

For will-call pickup requests, you may contact sales@seeless.com for more information.

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