How are SeeLess plaster mounting solutions different?

SeeLess plaster mounting solutions enable you to integrate your electrical wire devices with the design of your home instead of cluttering your home by surface mounting them, leaving the surfaces smooth and sleek.

What materials are SeeLess products made from?

SeeLess plaster mounting solutions are made of gypsum/plaster. Accompanying elements are aluminum bars that are screwed in to two wall studs and a metal junction box.

Why plaster?

We chose to make our platforms from plaster because it is a naturally occurring, environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and easy to install material. It can also be painted to match the color of your home and blends in nicely. 

What’s the difference between the Designer and Architectural Style collections?

The Designer style platform has soft, rounded corners, enabling you to be creative with the flow of your home’s design. The Architectural style platform has square corners, providing a more modern look for your home.

What devices can fit into the SeeLess SLD and SLA platforms? 

We have platforms that fit light switches and dimmers with anywhere from 1-4 gangs. Our platforms fit all Lutron dimmers, light switches, and fan controls.

Can the products be installed in existing finished spaces?

To install a SeeLess plaster mounting solutions, you must have access to the drywall.

How long does it take to install a SeeLess product?

SeeLess products follow the same installation process as any standard electrical devices. The only additional step is that the drywall installer has to tape and mud around the platform, which is the same exact process they do to seam any drywall joints.

 How do I purchase SeeLess products?

You can purchase the plaster mounting solutions you need directly from our website or from one of our dealers. Or contact one of our regional representative to locate a dealer or a distributor.

Who can install the mounting platform?

The platforms can be installed by any general contractor or sub-contractor such as: electrical, low voltage contractor, HVAC contractor, drywall contractor, etc.…

How can I become a dealer?

Request and fill out a dealer application or contact our regional representative in your area.

Do you offer discounted prices to architects, designers, contractors, etc.?

We do offer special pricing and services to the trade. Please complete our form to create a trade account with us.

Do you provide any custom solutions?

We are able to create and design custom solutions, contact us to discuss your specific needs.

If you still have additional questions, feel free to contact us