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Flush Wall Mounts for Alexa Echo Spot - SeeLess

Flush wall mounts are a great option for connecting your Alexa Echo Spot in a way that combines aesthetic design and functional control with seamless integration into any wall.

A flush wall mount lets you place the best-looking Echo smart speakers available, the Amazon Echo Spot, in any room in your home, including the bedroom, kitchen, and office. Compared to other similar devices, like the stem-looking Echo Plus tube, which fits in best in a gadgetry shelf, or the Echo Show which is best suited for placement in the kitchen, the Amazon Echo Spot is unique in that it can fit in anywhere, including as a flush wall mount in any room. That said, the placement of your Echo Spot is purely subjective, and depends on the design and set up of your home.

The Echo Spot comes in white or black colors, and has a fairly small screen measuring 2.5 inches, with a 480 by 480 pixel resolution. There’s space for a camera above the screen, as well as three volume buttons that sit flush against the surface a streamline look. There’re also four tiny pin-prick holes that let sound in to the four-array mics that listen for your Alexa commands. The devices are connected to a power source from the back

A flush wall mount will still allow you to maximize on all the Echo Spot features, including the screen, camera, and microphones. Users can stream audio to and from other devices via Bluetooth functionality. The speaker is positioned at the base of the device, and you can type-in your WiFi details directly on the screen, or use the Alexa app.

Placing your Amazon Echo Spot in a location of your choice using the flush wall mount is only the first step to enjoying this smart device. Make sure to watch the promo video to get an idea of what the device can do, including the commands you can use with the digital assistant. You can even set the home screen to include your notifications, weather, reminders, messages, upcoming events, drop-ins, and news.