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With SeeLess Solutions wireless access point SLW-APS flush mount, you can enjoy faster wireless speeds & better signal reliability in an aesthetically pleasing way, where essential smart home device meets the intended design.  

With the internet of things, Wi-Fi has gone from commodity to necessity in the space of a few years. We rarely ever think about what’s causing the spotty network connection in some parts of our home or office, but the placement of wireless access points (WAPs) may be a reason why. Properly placing your WAP can improve the overall performance, and also keep away the headaches associated with low-quality networks.

SeeLess Solutions provides you with a wide variety of customizable platforms that give you the option to install WAPs at the most optimal location available, giving you uninterrupted and extended coverage all year round.

With our Wireless Access Point Platform, you can really blur the lines between the device and interior design while delivering a great wireless experience with our Wireless Access Point Platform. One should never have to choose between practicality and quality interiors. With SeeLess Solutions wireless access points platforms, you can enjoy faster wireless speeds, better signal reliability & extended range of coverage in an aesthetically pleasing way, where essential device meets the intended design.

Constructed using gypsum, and other environmentally and wi-fi friendly building materials, our mounting platform will not interfere with the wi-fi signal. By design, our platforms work well with both ceiling- or wall-mounted applications. 

Crafted to account for future trends and evolving devices, SeeLess Solutions products provide design flexibility.  SLS wireless access point platforms are available in two models – the SLW-APL and the SLW-APS. Built-in additional space within our platforms provides compatibility with leading industry providers of next-generation network access solutions, such as Ruckus, Luxul, Araknis, and others.

Our wireless access point platforms developed to be installed in the most convenient manner, where they can easily fit into a standard 2x4 stud wall & in spaces under 4 inches.


Benefits of our WAP Flush Mounts

SLW is available in 2 sizes & has the following features:


Included universal mounting plate & mounting hardware make it a breeze to install in remodel or new construction

Gypsum, environmentally & Wi-Fi-friendly building materials

Versatility to suit ceiling- or wall-mounted applications

Mounting plate designed for easy wall access & quick wire management

Multiple devices flexibility provided by extra space designed around the mounting outer plate

Future trends device changeability

Fits in standard 2x4 stud wall

Design flexibility to install in spaces under 4 inches

Flush mounted trimless and seamless design

5-year warranty

SeeLess Difference (Our competitive advantages): 

Advantageous Price Point: we are fairly priced compared to other companies that charge almost double.

Simplicity: For improved & simplified installation

Flexibility : Our platforms are built with versatility in mind, where multiple design details & reveals options, allow for flexibility to choose between most leading manufacturers’ devices.

Variety of Design Families: SeeLess Solutions continues to find unique ways to best meet the requirements of today’s residential and commercial environments, balancing the need for utilities with individual design styles. Our range of wiring device platforms suit varying tastes and is available in several form factors.


 To find out more about our Wireless Access Point & WAPs Flush Mounts,  Visit Our Store Locator online to see where the closest SeeLess distributor is in your region.