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June 26, 2018 2 min read

We rarely ever think about what’s causing the spotty network connection in some part of our home or office, but the placement of wireless access points (WAPs) may be a reason why. Properly placing your WAP can improve the overall performance, and also keep away the headaches associated with low quality networks.

SeeLess Solutions provides you with a wide variety of customizable platforms that give you the option to install WAPs at the most optimal location available, giving you uninterrupted and extended coverage all year round. You will also appreciate the seamless and modern finish of our mounting systems, allowing you to enjoy your home without obtrusive devices against the wall or ceiling.

Place WAP in commonly used areas

 A great way to circumvent the problems arising with WAPs is to place them in office spaces or rooms instead of the hallway. Positioning them in this fashion will allow for greater coverage and give you a better connection when your tablet, computer or phone is in use. Ideally, you should not be placing WAPs on outside walls as the signal for the device will extend beyond your home and become a security risk, as outsiders may be able to access the network from afar. The mounting plate of our WAP platform is crafted for convenient wall access and seamless wire management so you are living stress-free.

Keep in mind the building structure

 Depending on the type of environment you are in, placing WAPs can work very differently. For instance, if it is a house with high ceilings, you may have to utilize additional equipment such as directional antennas to cover greater distance. It is also important to realize that WAPs that are placed on an unusually high ceiling will not perform very well, versus one placed on a ceiling at the normal level. SeeLess solutions provides you the ultimate range of WAP mounting platforms to provide versatility that suits both ceiling- or wall-mounted applications.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions

Sometimes, it is great to go back to the basics and consult recommendations provided by the manufacturer, on where to place the WAP. Most advice mounting it below the ceiling as this location will allow for signals that are not blocked by obstacles like other power cables or ducting in the building construction. The wall is the next best choice, as it will be in the range of the ceiling and have little to no obstruction. SeeLess WAP platforms feature compatibility with most industry standard devices and brands, such as Araknis, Ruckus, Luxul and more. Appreciate the wireless experience with a fresh perspective when you choose our innovative products.Each unit also includes a universal mounting plate and mounting hardware that makes it easy to install.

SeeLess has successfully combined the best of architecture and interior design, to create a high performance WAP platform that is designed with environment-friendly materials. Our passion for excellence is seen in the new age look of every product we offer, so that you can maintain the smooth flow of lavish walls and ceilings without compromise.

Charlie Piehler
Charlie Piehler

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