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Have you ever wondered how smoke detectors work? These devices allow you to have peace of mind and ensure your safety when something goes wrong. However, smoke detectors don’t actually read smoke! They are able to alert you in the case of a fire by detecting smoke particles present in the air. This is why the positioning of safety devices in the appropriate location is paramount.

SeeLess Solutions and its team of experts will ensure that you preserve the aesthetic of your home with minimalist in-wall or in-ceiling smoke detector mounts on every level of your house, while keeping these necessary devices away from view.

Types of Smoke Detectors

Typically, there are two kinds of smoke detectors that are commonly used - photoelectric and ionization detector alarms. The major difference being each one detects smoke particles in different ways. In the case of a photoelectric detector, when smoke enters a room, a light-emitting diode or LED sends a ray of light that is scattered by the particles and tracked by a photocell, at which point an alarm is triggered. Ionization detectors by contrast, utilize ionizing radiation where the alarm is triggered by a change in the electric current produced inside the detector’s chamber via ionization.

An Upgrade to Placing Smoke Alarms

When you have a thoughtfully designed home, there is nothing worse than bulky smoke detectors breaking the continuity and aesthetic appeal of a living space. SeeLess Solutions understands the need to freely experience the stylish beauty of your home without an eye-sore like that. Take a look at our wide range of innovative in-wall or in-ceiling smoke detector mounts to ensure the best safety possible, while preserving the sleek essence of a room. The modern shape of our mounting structures allow for precision alignment, and can be merged with a variety of surfaces hassle-free.

SeeLess Mounting Systems Stand Apart

With decades of valuable experience in the industry, our diverse team at SeeLess ensures that you choose the right platform to position safety devices and elevate the appearance of your living space. Our products are compatible with most industry standard devices and offer convenient installation into the wall and ceiling.

Taking the knowledge of leading engineers, designers, craftspeople and managers, we tap into the latest innovations, which is reflected in the clean lines of our smoke detector wall mounting systems. We understand the need to cultivate sleek designs that work well with the rest of your home, without standing out unnecessarily.

Experience the balance of beauty and versatility with the seamless recessed integration of mounting platforms from SeeLess. Our cutting-edge products work with a variety of in-wall wiring items including smoke detectors. SeeLess aims to ensure that all our clients can utilize the newest products in the market, while effortlessly blending their presence via flush mounted fresh designs.