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Plaster Flush Mount for Smoke Detectors - Shaped Nest Protect

Smoke detectors are an essential safety feature in your home or office.  Smoke detectors are commonly seen sticking out from walls and ceilings What if they could be less noticeable and still function properly?  By installing a plaster flush mount for smoke detectors, you can have the safety advantages necessary while enhancing the style of your home or office.


plaster flush mount for smoke detectors


Why Choose a Plaster Flush Mount for Smoke Detectors?

The number one reason to install your smoke detector, especially the Shaped Nest Protect, with a plaster flush mount is because of the increased design aesthetics it will add to your space.  SeeLess Solutions can improve the look of your home or office by seamlessly embedding these essential items into the wall and ceiling, creating elegant lines and finishing transitions. The softly rounded corners add a clean, detailed finish like never before.

What are the Features for the Shaped Nest Protect?

There are many design advantages of our plaster flush mount for smoke detectors specifically designed for the Shaped Nest Protect, including:

  • Soft and rounded corners and edges
  • Seamless recessed integration
  • Paintable level five plaster finish
  • Mounting hardware and metal junction box included where necessary
  • Brackets adjust to 5/8", 3/4", & 1/2" drywall
  • Accommodates Class 1 and Class 2 electrical wiring devices

If you would like to improve the design of your home with the latest smoke detector design, please contact our team to get started.