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How to Hide iPads in the Wall

One of the latest technological features being used by organizations is iPads.  Whether it is for checking-in to an appointment, finding an office location, or searching for a retail store, iPads are helping businesses operate smoother and, in turn, providing a pleasant experience for clients and customers.  So how do companies hide the iPads in the wall with a sleek and flush look?  With SeeLess Solutions, recessed wall mounts specifically designed for iPads.


how to hide iPads in the wall


The Installation Process

All of SeeLess Solutions' flush wall mounts are easy to install. Our integrated mounting hardware & a universal 2 gang(class 1/class 2) backbox makes it easy to install in new construction or a remodel.  You can easily install the recessed wall mount to suit portrait or landscape applications to meet your needs.  Each wall mount is built with Wi-Fi and environmentally friendly materials to ensure your iPad system will not only look sleek but also function well during use. 

Find out more about how to hide iPads in the wall by viewing our flush wall mount installation videos