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SLS-GLCC15 Gypsum Lighting Crown Cove

Product Descrption
Gypsum Lighting Crown Cove

Gypsum Lighting Crown Cove (Dual LED channel. 1.5" Opening)

This is a rounded Crown Cove with built-in space to get creative with the tape lighting in the corners. Made specifically for corner applications, it facilitates indirect light transitioning from walls to the ceiling without the need to lower the ceiling, special framing, lensing, or any aluminum channel. The rounded cove design creates a cavity behind the channel that allows for easy wiring without the need to drill a frame. This makes it ideal for both new construction and retrofit applications.

GLCC15 coves are available in 3 ft. lengths and are not compatible with GLC15 accessories.

U.S. and Int’l Patents: www.seeless.com/patents.

 Features and Benefits:

  • 1.5" opening space to accommodate single or double LED tape installation
  • Intended for the crown moldings in the corners/wall-to-wall/ wall-to-ceiling application
  • Choose between single or dual run tape

  • Compatible with most tape light 

  • Easily screws directly into corners
  • Installed similar to crown molding
  • Dimensional Data
  • Install Guide
  • Crown Cove's Installation & Final Finish Demonstration Video
  • Crown Coves' Three Corners Application Demonstration Video
  • Crown Coves' Corner Application Demonstration Video
  • No special framing accommodation required to mount it; no reverse cove framing needed
  • Half-rounded back permits ample space to run wires behind the channel
  • Allows easy wiring flexibility without a need to drill a frame
  • Run wire beneath concrete within the wall for cove lighting in homes, condo, and commercial spaces
  • Non-flammable gypsum building material
  • Great for commercial, residential, and hospitality applications
  • Could be installed pre-drywall or post-drywall
  • Available in 3ft lengths

Incorporate these in-wall mounting platforms into your home’s design for a sleek and seamless look.

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