Product Descrption

An iPad Designer Style In-Wall Plaster Mounting Platform - SMALL

The SeeLess SLD-IPS in-wall mount eliminates unnecessary wall clutter, providing a lovely, convenient solution that empowers iPads to control a home or office’s smart devices. These mounts are fully compatible with 7”.

U.S. and Int’l Patents:

Features and Benefits: 

    • Integration with LuxePort WallStation
    • Leaves a 1/2" reveal around the 7” industry standard devices such as iPad
    • Weighs 4.85 lb
    • The mounting hardware is preassembled, facilitating quick installation in both remodels and new construction
    • Made with Wi-Fi friendly materials that do not compromise the environment
    • Built with versatility in mind, providing both landscape and portrait mounting
    • The design is future-proof, ensuring the device proves aesthetically pleasing and functional across posterity

    • Perfect flush mounting for a trimless aesthetic
    • 5-year warranty
    • Iport LuxePort WallStation's specifications 
    • Dimensional Data

    Incorporate these in-wall mounting platforms into your home’s design for a sleek and seamless look.

    *Shown in the image: iPad not included

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