May 27, 2019 0 Comments

Recessed Wall Mounts for Smart Home Devices

With advances in modern home technology, more families design their homes with smart home devices in mind.  Recess wall mounts for smart home devices complete the look of a modern home with a sleek, flush appearance. The possibilities are many with SeeLess flush mounting solutions.

AI Platforms

Recessed wall mounts are an excellent choice for voice control devices like Josh AI and Amazon Alexa.  These smart home devices have a variety of capabilities and sleek design best coupled with the trimless look of SeeLess flush wall mounts.

Touch Panels

Touch panels take smart homes to the next level with secure high functioning capabilities.  With SeeLess recessed wall mounts for smart homes, touch panels can blend in with the wall creating a sleek, high-tech appearance throughout a home.  


Home thermostats continue to evolve to meet the high-tech standards of the modern homeowner.  SeeLess offers a recessed universal mounting solution to complete the design of the newest smart home thermostats.  With a variety of depth styles and simple installation capabilities, the recessed wall mounts add style to modern smart home design.

Whether building a smart home or renovating an existing home with smart technology, recessed wall mounts for smart home devices allow homeowners to add a sleek and stylish touch to their interior design. With SeeLess Solutions, homeowners can take their high-tech homes beyond function to sleek and stylish.