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Recessed Wall Boxes - SeeLess Solutions

When designing your home or office, finding the perfect look that reflects your style can be exciting. Styling your interior design with the latest technology leads to discovering the best modern mounting solutions. With the recessed wall boxes by SeeLess Solutions, it is easy to find the ideal wall placement that is not only functional, but also sleek and stylish.

Recessed Wall Box Features

With this flush wall mount system, your home and office technology fits perfectly in line with the wall. The sleek and flawless finish gives modernfunctional technology such as thermostats and smoke alarms extra sleekness along with additional advantages, including:

  • Seamless recessed integration
  • Paintable level five plaster finish
  • Wi-Fi friendly & environmentally friendly building materials

Our designs bring a modern look to the latest home interiors. SeeLess Solutions designer flush wall mount systemsare made fromenvironmentally friendly gypsum plaster. This option gives customers endless design options to create a unique look specific to their home.

Modern Design

The uninterrupted interior look of recessed wall boxes can complete the style of your home. With a design-friendly finish, these in-wall mounting platforms are a perfect addition to your home.

For more information about our recessed wall boxes and other in-home technology flush mounts, contact our knowledgable staff. We look forward to helping you create a unique interior design for your home with SeeLess Solutions.