May 21, 2019 0 Comments

Plaster Flush Wall Mounts Made Easy with SeeLess

SeeLess' seamless wall mount design revolutionizes the way modern technology devices appear within interior spaces.  The plaster flush wall mounts have the unique ability to embed wiring seamlessly within a wall making installation easy. The design possibilities are endless with the versatility of plaster flush wall mounts.

Natural, High-Performance Material  

With SeeLess, the main ingredient in our plaster flush wall mounts is calcium.  The use of calcium is a natural and healthy choice since it is the most abundant mineral on earth and in our bodies.  By becoming one with the wall or ceiling, the plaster makes a powerful integration for installing SeeLess flush wall mounts.  

Trimless Design

SeeLess plaster flush wall mounts enable devices to be recessed in a trimless, beautiful design.  The versatility of the plaster allows for numerous design options for a variety of advanced technology. Modern devices blend with the wall creating a sleek look in any residential or commercial space.

Highest Quality and Durability

The SeeLess team is committed not only to making products with the highest quality and durability standards but also making the installation of plaster wall mounts easy for our customers. It is our goal to help take the modern styled home to the next level with our sleek products.

When considering a mounting solution for smart devices, plaster flush wall mounts are the best choice.  SeeLess Solutions offers a variety of options to give any home or office a sleek, modern, and minimal appearance.