SLK-SM-500 R1

Product Descrption

In-Wall and In-Ceiling Round Smoke Alarm Plaster Mounting Platform

No modern home should have an annoying smoke alarm or other alarm ruin its interior aesthetic. Thankfully, SeeLess provides a rounded recess platform for smoke alarms to enhance the look of home interiors. This platform allows for a truly seamless embedding of such essential devices directly into both walls and ceilings to avoid an eyesore in your home or office.

*R1 model number represents that latest revision of the platform along with two extra features: an expanded perimeter along the platform for mud/tape area during installation and a ¾” mark for brackets adjustments.

Features and Benefits:

  • Accommodates both Class 1 and Class 2 devices
  • Reveal: 1/2" 
  • Weighs 5.29 lb
  • Perfectly seamless recessed placement within drywall
  • Greatly enhances home/office visual beauty
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Brackets adjust to 3/4", 5/8" and 1/2" drywall
  • Green material that proves sustainable
  • UL Electrical back box & mounting hardware included
  • Compatible with most industry standard round devices
  • Adaptable to SeeLess 1-gang 4" Box Extension Mud Ring for use with standard electrical 4" back box
  • Dimensional Data

*SeeLess has conducted independent third-party testing. Reach out to us for more information and a copy of the test results.