SLA-1G-062 R1

Product Descrption

One Gang Architectural Style In-Wall Plaster Mounting Platform 

This SLA-1G-062 R1 gang Architectural style in-wall mounting platform comes in a 1/16“ reveal and features well-defined sharp corners and clean finishing transitions, making it a perfect styling selection for a modern, minimalist look.

*R1 model number indicates the latest available revision of this platform with two extra added features: 3/4" mark for the brakes adjustments & a slightly wider perimeter area around the platform designated for tape & mud area during installation.

U.S. and Int’l Patents:

Features and Benefits:

    • Sharp corners
    • Reveal: 1/16" (measured around Lutron devices)
    • Weights 4.0 lb
    • Seamless recessed integration
    • Paintable level five plaster finish
    • Mounting hardware and metal junction box included
    • Brackets adjust to 3/4", 5/8", and 1/2" drywall
    • Accommodates Class 1 and Class 2 electrical wiring devices
    • Compatible with Lutron Architectural style & New Architectural style plates, dimmers, switches, and most electrical wiring devices, including Decora-style receptacles, switches, outlets, dimmers, and motion sensors
    • Adaptable to SeeLess 1-Gang 4" Box Extension Mud Ring for use with standard electrical 4" backbox
    • Keypad removal Suction Cup accessory 
    • 1 to 4 gang flush mounts demo video
    • Dimensional Data 

Incorporate these in-wall mounting platforms into your home’s design for a sleek and seamless look. 

*Shown in the image: Lutron New Architectural Style Faceplate not included

Dimensional Data