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SLK-SM-500 R1

Product Descrption

In-Wall and In-Ceiling Round Smoke Alarm Plaster Mounting Platform

No modern home should have an annoying smoke alarm or other alarm ruin its interior aesthetic. Thankfully, SeeLess provides a rounded recess platform for smoke alarms to enhance the look of home interiors. This platform allows for a truly seamless embedding of such essential devices directly into both walls and ceilings to avoid an eyesore in your home or office.

Press here to order the alternative mounting platform, SLK-SM-750 R1, with a 3/4" reveal.

*R1 model number represents the latest revision of the platform along with two extra features: an expanded perimeter along the platform for mud/tape area during installation and a ¾” mark for brackets adjustments.

U.S. and Int’l Patents: www.seeless.com/patents.

Features and Benefits:

  • Accommodates both Class 1 and Class 2 devices
  • Dimensions of the finished opening: 6.42 x 1.81 in
  • Reveal: 1/2" opening around the standard size smoke alarm 
  • Weighs 5.29 lb
  • Dimensional Data
  • Install guide
  • Installation Training Video
  • Smoke Alarm Mounts' Variety Training Video
  • Perfectly seamless recessed placement within the drywall
  • Greatly enhances home/office visual beauty
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Brackets adjust to 3/4", 5/8", and 1/2" drywall
  • Green material that proves sustainable
  • UL Electrical back box & mounting hardware included
  • Compatible with most industry standard round devices
  • Adaptable to SeeLess 1-gang 4" Box Extension Mud Ring for use with standard electrical 4" back box

*SeeLess has conducted unbiased third-party tests. If you would like a copy of the results, contact us for more information.

**For bulk orders over $2500 please contact logistics@seeless.com for a shipping quote

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